Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MOA 2010-BLG-073

MOA 2010-BLG-073
RA: 18:10:11.34
Dec: -26:31:22.54
Optics: Celestron C14
Focal length: 2634mm
Pixel Scale; 0.70"/pixel
Camera: SBIG ST7 XME Deluxe
CCD: KAF-0402ME class 1
Filters: Wratten #12
Autoguider X=310 Y=113
Exposure: 300 sec
Observers: Guy Thornley, David Moorhouse, Michelle Knowler

First night clear until dawn. No idea of what target is yet.

Second night again perfect weather, still having the shutter jamming every so often and losing the autoguider. This is why the Autoguider co-ordanates are in the info above.

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