Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ted Argos Focal Reducer

I have just recieved the focal reducer tube from Ted it has my Celestron x0.63 optics installed in it. Will be installing it on the back of the Wasp's 10" Meade OTA hopefully tonight.
Update 5 Feb 2009 I have installed the focal reducer and it was no problem to get back to 1600mm (the correct ratio) from 1900mm without the tube (optics in the old housing) stars look tight and field curvature isn't much of an issue. Makes for a much nicer installation with less mass away from the center of rotation.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cloud sensor page now working

In the middle of last season the cloud sensor page showing all three Auckland Boltwood Cloud Sensors stopped working as the AAS updated their webservers. It is now working again and has had two links added from the Metservice that show both rain and cloud animations. The page is at

Proceedure changes for a fast startup

We have been working on a number of different ways to speed up the observatory startup. To date they are.

1. Re-arranging the power supply so the ArgoNavis can remain powered.
2. Developing a HFD V curve to aid in faster manual focusing.
3. Making a library of darks, rather than doing so each evening.
4. Using logmein remote desktop to allow startup with Steve onsite.
5. Getting Skype running via Dect phone.
6. Learning the new issues caused by new version of MaximDL

ArgoNavis DSC coordinate errors

We are currently having issues with the ArgoNavis DSC (digital setting circles) in that when used in LX200 protocol emulation we get positional errors being returned to the PC.

What we have found is that the ArgoNavis under LX200 returns J(now) instead of J(2000) coordinates. This is a one direction only error. Entering J(2000) in the scratch objects on the unit works fine. Doing a from planetarium command and issuing a slew to object from a planetarium works correctly. However the returned value is in the wrong format for either TheSky6 or MaximDL so as to be able to do a plate solve.

Skype phone

We now have a new phone which is a Linksys CIT200 it has a local number which is (09) 889 9227 so you can call us at the dome!

Start of a new BLOG

First entry for the Kumeu Observatorys daily log, we will have info about the images taken and issues when we are onsite

Time Zone

All times on this page are in New Zealand Daylight Time in winter GMT +12 or summer GMT +13.