Saturday, April 18, 2009


Finally after years of talking about it I painted the dome last weekend over a few days. It had two coats of white Wattle Solarguard. There were a few places that I did repairs on the fibreglass first with west system epoxy resin and glass cloth. The top of the hatch is rotting and needs repair still. Also a coat of Forestwood stain was put on two sides of the Wasp Observatory

Saturday, April 4, 2009

MOA 2009-BLG-106

MOA 2009-BLG-106
RA: 18:09:56.49
Dec: -27:14:59.36
Optics: Celestron C14
Focal length: 2634mm
Pixel Scale; 0.70"/pixel
Camera: SBIG ST7 XME Deluxe
CCD: KAF-0402ME class 1
Filters: No filter
Exposure: 300 sec
Observer: Guy Thornley

Day 1: 04-04-2009 1200 to 1515hrs UTC
Occasional cloud no issues

Day 2:

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