Friday, January 9, 2009

ArgoNavis DSC coordinate errors

We are currently having issues with the ArgoNavis DSC (digital setting circles) in that when used in LX200 protocol emulation we get positional errors being returned to the PC.

What we have found is that the ArgoNavis under LX200 returns J(now) instead of J(2000) coordinates. This is a one direction only error. Entering J(2000) in the scratch objects on the unit works fine. Doing a from planetarium command and issuing a slew to object from a planetarium works correctly. However the returned value is in the wrong format for either TheSky6 or MaximDL so as to be able to do a plate solve.


  1. Progress to date. I have talked to Gary at Wildcard-innovations and he is aware of the issue and is organising a beta firmware build for us to try.

    The Sky Commander protocol works perfectly and so is currently the preferred option.

  2. Gary has said he will try to get us a Beta by the end of January


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