Friday, January 9, 2009

Proceedure changes for a fast startup

We have been working on a number of different ways to speed up the observatory startup. To date they are.

1. Re-arranging the power supply so the ArgoNavis can remain powered.
2. Developing a HFD V curve to aid in faster manual focusing.
3. Making a library of darks, rather than doing so each evening.
4. Using logmein remote desktop to allow startup with Steve onsite.
5. Getting Skype running via Dect phone.
6. Learning the new issues caused by new version of MaximDL


  1. Having the ArgoNavis running saves about 20 minutes each evening as it eliminates about five time consumming steps.

  2. Getting Skype going may not sound like much but consider that during the OGLE-BLG-2008-270 event we didn't even have internet access and missed data on one whole evening because of a lack of web or other forms of communication.

  3. MaximDL 5 has a move command on the Guide tab, allowing small adjustment of the telescope position using the guider relays. Very useful for the old C14 fork mount with the tangent arm motor.


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