Sunday, April 17, 2016

Back In Action

Finally after a brief break due to the mount needing repairs Kumeu Observatory is back in action, thanks to help and advice from Graham Beazley, Grant Christie, Marc Bos and Tim Natusch. Steve Hennerley was able to reinstall the repaired declination worm assembly successfully with assistance from Jonathan Green on Saturday the 9th of April, then last Friday night Jonathan Green and Steve Hennerley put the "Nustrini" Celestron 14' SCT back on the mount, with the S-BIG CCD camera re-attached and after spending a fair bit of time getting the balance correct they are confident that the setup is ready for action again, so bring on those clear skies!

The newly repaired and re- installed declination worm assembly ^

Steve Hennerley adds the finishing touches to the Paramount GT-1100S ^

On the Friday night we also used a Howie Glatter laser collimator which fires concentric laser circles to do a preliminary test of the "Nustrini" Celestron 14' SCT's collimation, we were happy to note that the C14 isn't too far out of collimation, so hopefully it will only need some slight tweaking to get the telescope back into perfect collimation. ^

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