Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Optec Temperature Compensating Focuser Upgrade

The weather has been rubbish in Auckland of late, stormy conditions have kept me from opening up the dome since getting back from the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand conference, so we haven't had much to report for a while, last night I took in the Kumeu observatories Optec Temperature Compensating Focuser (TCF) for a ROM chip upgrade at Stardome Observatory, Grant Christie had sourced us a new ROM chip and Tony Burns preformed the upgrade, hopefully if the sky clears up tonight I'll be able to test out the upgraded TCF, we have also bought a new dehumidifier for the observatory to help protect the equipment from corrosion so hopefully we will have that installed and operational soon as well.

Tony Burns installing the new ROM chip. ^

Tony Burns checking his handiwork. ^

Posted by Jonathan Green.

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