Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MOA 2010-BLG-311

MOA 2010-BLG-311
RA: 18:08:49.98
Dec: -25:57:04.27
Optics: Celestron C14
Focal length: 2634mm
Pixel Scale; 0.70"/pixel
Camera: SBIG ST7 XME Deluxe
CCD: KAF-0402ME class 1
Filters: Wratten #12
Autoguider X=266 Y=28
Exposure: 300 sec
Observers: Guy Thornley, David Moorhouse, Michelle Knowler

MB10311.jpg image this is from tonight and is much sharper

15 June 2010 UT
images 001 to 016
Just managed to get a few images before the target set. Last image has an airmass of about 3 but is obvious
16 June
_a images 017 to 029
Fantastic seeing tonight, images are much improved on last night. Did one hour to start with to get some data in the can and have switched to 092. Will get some more later in the night.

_b images 030 to 108 second and biggest batch for the night. Again still great skies and seeing. There is a gap of images numbered
095 to 104, lost the autoguider and it re-captured in a different framing i.e. target is not close to center. These images are fine but I think need to be processed seperately?
**Also note new 00_finder

_c images 095 to 104
these images have a shift right and up compared to all the other images. I have not re-centered them as this
would crop the image severely so thought it best if I left them for you guys just un-touched. At least you
have the data.

17 June 2010 UT

_a images 109 to 117
fisrt images of the night showed greater than expected increase in brightness so looks like high mag event.

_b images 118 to 157: 0820 to 1140UT
target still rising at 1140 UT no sign of the top yet. Still clear but storm clouds out to sea in both directions it's only a matter of time :-(

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